Insulation + Monitoring = Smart!

Our unique Smart Sensors integrate wireless sensors with highly efficient insulation. You’ll have a constant pulse on Steam component health and reports showing true energy savings.

Data from every Smart Sensor in near real-time

  • Energy Savings (BTU/hr. and total dollars)
  • Component temperature(s) under insulation
  • Insulation touch (surface) temperature
  • Ambient temperature

Email or SMS Alerts

Email or text messages can be sent as soon as a component failure or abnormal functioning is detected.

Easy to Use Web Portal

Our Web Portal analyzes and presents Smart Sensor data in a concise format. Log in for a quick snapshot of your Steam System’s health, or drill down to individual readings from specific components.

Informative Monthly Reports

Summary Reports are emailed monthly that highlight total energy savings, component health and month-over-month / year-over-year comparisons.

Non-Invasive Installation

Installs as easily as any of our insulation blankets. No wiring or IT involvement required.

REALLY Pays for Itself

This valuable information comes at effectively no cost, thanks to savings generated from insulation and failure prevention that together provide for an average payback of 1-2 years.


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